Hi, I’m Darcy, Welcome to Tonic Flair!
A small independant brand providing slow, guilt free fashion for those who love to have fun with their wardrobe!

Welcome to Tonic Flair’s home studio🏡💕

This is the chaotic hub where the collections begin as the initial idea and then start their journey through design development, sample testing, fabric swatching, pattern drafting, fabric cutting, sewing and pressing. A long ol’ process that is made worth while once it’s finished on the mannequin🙌🏼

As a brand we’re working towards being a small piece of the bigger movement to combat fast fashion and be apart of an industry that values quality over mass produced quantity. We want to create unique show-stopping pieces that not only set you apart from the crowd, but can be shown off time and time again!🌟

As part of our promise to deliver guilt free fashion, a large portion of our garments will be created from left over dead stock fabrics, vintage materials, up-cycled second hand clothing or collated off-cuts from the Tonic Flair studio.✂️ Everything is specially handmade with a hella lot of love by our teeny tiny team! (Me and my mum lol)👩‍👧💞 

We can’t wait to share them all with you🤩

Thankyou for being here💜